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We are in the process of evaluating building a site to share over 100 hrs. of concert footage taken over 4 years prior to the pandemic. Please stay tuned.

Silky Satin Lounge

There is not much written history of the Silky Satin Lounge. We know that Ernie K-Doe, Walter Washington and Carol Fran played there, along with other outrageously talented New Orleans musicians of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. However there are few written records of it’s existence or performers.

The Silky Satin Lounge was housed in a nondescript one story libraryesque building in the Bayou St John neighborhood of New Orleans. In 2014, long time New Orleans musician Tom McDermott purchased the building for his residence. Prior to Tom's purchase, and after the Silky Satin Lounge, the structure held a bicycle repair shop, an art gallery, and a few commercial ventures.

A grand piano came with the property and Tom added his own grand piano when he moved in. Having two grand piano’s in a remarkably sensational acoustic living room was pretty cool. That the living room could accommodate 50 or so of Tom’s friends was inspirational. He started inviting other musicians to play with him as he opened his doors to neighbors, friends, and friends of friends, to come listen...and they did. Some of the best musicians in New Orleans and from out of town have shared their talents with us at the Silky Satin Lounge. will be re-launched with a desire to share these live concerts of New Orleans and visiting musicians, while capturing the nostalgia of an old style New Orleans house concert.

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